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Gulf Breeze, Florida

(Three miles off the mainland - East of Pensacola) QTH is on the Right (Gulf of Mexico) side

  L to R: Expert 2K-FA, TenTec Titan 417 (Below), FTDX-5000DM, Flex-6500 (on top), Emtron DX-2SP

Board of Directors of Blue Angels Foundation


  L to R: Expert 2K-FA, TenTec Titan 417 (Below), FTDX-5000DM, Flex-6500 (on top), Emtron DX-2SP



I prefer Home Brew Antennas (I have a 3 year old $2k M2 still new in boxes in the garage, but it's cheaper and less stressfull to gather up wire instead of scrap aluminum after the next hurricane) :-))


Five Band Quad @ 80'


Five Element 40M Delta Loop @ 55'

Two Element 80M Delta Loop @ 65'

Previous Calls:

KN1NWF  1960 - 1960  Florence, Mass  {age 12}

K1NWF    1960 - 1965 Florence, Mass 

SV0WKK  1966 & 1967 Nea Makri, Greece (Still have Logs)



I built the shack (with the help of the C.O. and the ET gang) in the rear of one of the barracks buildings

The SBT-1K (left) was a little overkill, but it was the smallest transmitter we had :-D


KC4USK   1967 - 1968 Eights Station,Antarctica

(Club Station)



W8LAQ   1968 - 1980 Eaton Rapids, MI. / Houston, TX


W8LAQ - 1980 Baton Rouge, LA.

We Truly Miss Baton Rouge - GEAUX Tigers (LSU)

K8EQ  (Present) - Gulf Breeze, FL

Owner of Scale-Mart Corp., World-Scales, Inc., and

(Manufacture and world wide distribution of Vehicle Scales (weigh bridges), Heavy Industrial Measuring Equipment and Data Collection/Management Systems including Port (land and sea) Container Scanning and Security Systems, as well as Landfill and Mine Mapping Systems.)



Previous Hams in the Family:

(People I grew up with)

W1WL (originally 1WL) Grand Father - Art Egan    (SK)



W1HQ  Uncle Herb Rhode (SK) He pronounced it "doubya one hayche que"


W1ODE Uncle Dave Strachen (SK)  ("Old Donkey Ears")

(From Arbroath, Scotland -- note the map behind him)



K1NWE Dad - Bob Young (SK 6/11/12) Florence, Mass -- "K1North West East)


Dad at our rig  1964 (We took our Novice tests together  at the old Customs House in Boston)


K1UOR Mom - Doris (SK 2004) Florence, Mass 

K1NWE & K1UOR at their swap fest table (1999)

Lagniappe {Cajun for "Something Extra"}

My New Toy  :-D  (Jag "F" Type "R" - 590HP)

It's a great garage for parties :-D

Getting Ready For Our Superbowl Party

Bill Moore

My dear friend Bill (NC1L) and myself at Dayton several years ago.  Bill passed away on 10/6/2016 :-((      After  a terrible car accident in 2014.

Bill had been the DXCC manager at the League for many years, and was paralyzed in the accident in July (2014) - He never recoverd -- Prayers for him.  The other ham (Left side with the glasses) is Don Mills KJ5VI.  Don was a prominent Atty, a DXer, and a very very dear friend.  He became SK on 3/4/14.. RIP Don. 

Bill Moore, NC1L.

My 10 Acres between the Home and the Gulf

Welcome to my marshes -- they run from my back yard about 1200 feet to the Gulf of Mexico


View from the Tower

And then it becomes beach (My girl Trixie chases the crabs)

Hurricane Ivan 9/16/2004

Pro 67B at 97' prior to Ivan

After IVAN

Our Home (High enough to survive the 20' wall of sea water)

Neighbors Homes:  (NOT high enough to survive the 20' wall of sea water)



DXCC 160 - 10

5 Band DXCC

1995 CQ 160 Contest.. Winner Louisiana

1978 ARRL Sweepstakes -- First Place Phone - Michigan

1962 ARRL Sweepstakes -- First Place Phone - Western Mass.

1963 ARRL Sweepstakes -- First Place Phone - Western Mass.


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